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general information

ENACTIVISM: a new paradigm?

From neurophenomenology
and Social / Evolutionary Robotics to Distributed Cognition

OCTOBER, 6-8  2008


Official conference program


now available here and

in downloadable file (PDF 293kb)





This year's event is a third edition of interdisciplinary conference following first event „Embodied and Situated Cognition: from Phenomenology and Neuroscience to Artificial Intelligence” (2006) and second „Self, Intersubjectivity & Social Neuroscience: from Mind and Action to Society" (2007), both held in Torun.

The key topics of this year's event will include:


Speakers (confirmed)

Open lecture: David Kirsh – Beyond Perception

Speakers: Natalie Depraz, Wlodzislaw Duch, Olivier Gapenne, Hiro Iizuka, Masami Ishihara, Jean-Luc Petit, Corrado Sinigaglia, Elzbieta Szelag, Pierre Steiner, Tom Ziemke. For more details enter »



» Registration form (*.doc).

Submissions should be addressed electronically to:
dr Tomasz Komendzinski



dr Tomasz Komendzinski
Przemyslaw Nowakowski 


For organizational reasons the conference has been shortened to 3 days and will end on October 8. We are sorry for any inconveniences related to the change.

For more details about accomodation, conference center and Torun city enter »




general information > enactivism?

What is an Enactivism?


In psychology, philosophy and the cognitive sciences more generally, enactivism is a theoretical approach to understanding the mind and reality. It incorporates an historical perspective - in the sense that each individual's developmental trajectory shapes their understanding of reality (in form of an autopoietic system) - with the result that it can be seen, to subsume and synthesize arguments from embodied and situated cognition, to present an opposite view to symbolic cognitivism and classical connectionism.

Francisco VarelaIn The Tree of Knowledge: The Biological Roots of Human Understanding, Francisco Varela claims to have "proposed using the term enactive to designate this view of knowledge, to evoke the view that what is known is brought forth, in contraposition to the more classical views of either cognitivism or connectionism." [Tree of Knowledge 1992: pg. 255].



general information > past events

Past events


Embodied and Situated Cognition:
From Phenomenology to Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence
November 16-18, 2006
Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland

First edition of interdisciplinary conference on conception of the embodied mind and embodied cognition, with such guest like: Shaun Gallagher, Jordan Zlatev, Natika Newton, Daniel Hutto, Giovanna Colombetti, Olaf Blanke, India Morrison, Dorothee Legrand, Matthew Ratcliffe, Richard Menary, Helena De Preester, Jonathan Cole, Tom Ziemke, Tony Chemero, Ron Chrisley and many more ...

ESC - conference website


Self, Intersubjectivity & Social Neuroscience:
From Mind and Action to Society
September 24-26, 2007
Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland

Second edition of interdisciplinary conference on neuroscience and social cognition, with such guest like: Marc Jeannerod, Jonathan Cole, Stephanie Carlson, Matthis Synofzik, Jessica Sommerville, Philip Zelazo, Colwyn Trevarthen, Yann Coello, Piotr Jaskowski, Catherine Reed, Corrado Sinigaglia, Daniel Hutto, Hanne DE JEAGHER, Lucina Uddin, India Morrison, Francesca Morganti, Justin H. G. Williams, Wlodzislaw Duch and many more ...

SISN - conference website| conference - e-book (1,95Mb)



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Sponsors & Partners


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