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Konferencje i wydarzenia - Language as Social Coordination: An Evolutionary Perspective

Slawomir Wacewicz - 2010-03-22, 22:53
Temat postu: Language as Social Coordination: An Evolutionary Perspective
Szanowni Państwo,

Wydział Psychologii Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego wraz z grupą
badawczą Distributed Language Group oraz Interdyscyplinarnym
Kołem Badań nad Językiem ma przyjamność zaprosić Państwa na
konferencję "Language as Social Coordination: an
Evolutionary Perspective", która odbedzie się na terenie
Kampusu Głównego UW przy Krakowskim Przedmieściu 26/28 w dn.
16-18 września 2010. Poniżej bardziej szczegółowe informacje:


Warsaw, 16-18 September 2010

The conference emphasizes the biological nature of language,
underscoring its coordinative function. The aim of the
conference is to 1) show continuity of natural language with
other informational systems in biology; 2) show that
language arises from and is crucial for human co-action.

Taking an evolutionary and comparative perspective, will
draw attention to the kinds of social coordination that
arise without (human-like) language, and that contribute to
the background used by (and present in) linguistic
communication. By so doing, it will be easier to appreciate
the qualitatively different types of co-ordination that are
specific to humans and language-dependent.

* John Collier, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban
* Terrence Deacon, University of California at Berkeley
* Merlin Donald, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
* Don Favareau, National University of Singapore
* Carol Fowler, Haskins Laboratories, Yale University and
University of Connecticut
* Bruno Galantucci, Yeshiva University
* Don Ross, University of Alabama at Birmingham and
University of Cape Town
* Colwyn Trevarthen, University of Edinburgh


We welcome papers from biology, linguistics, psychology,
communication science, philosophy, anthropology in a joint
effort to provide a theoretical ground for such a view of
language, and - even more importantly - to provide empirical
data clarifying the mechanisms of language functioning and
emergence. For more information please visit our webpage:
www.psych.uw.edu.pl/lasc <http://www.psych.uw.edu.pl/lasc>

Abstracts of about 500 words length should be sent to
LaSC_Warsaw2010@psych.uw.edu.pl or raczasze@psych.uw.edu.pl

Deadline for abstracts: April 30th, 2010

Abstract notification: May 28th, 2010

Early Registration: May 28th - August 15th, 2010

Late Registration: After August 15th, 2010

Joanna Rączaszek-Leonardi
Faculty of Psychology
University of Warsaw
ul. Stawki 5/7
00-183 Warsaw
tel: +48 22 5549798

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